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A Girls Denim Jacket is the Key to a Fashionable Summer


There are certain pieces of clothing that have a timeless quality. For instance, look at a girls denim jacket. I had one at a young age along with most of the girls in my grade school class.

Something about it just says summer to me. It went with everything, so I wore it all summer long. To be honest, I practically lived in it. That’s why I had to smile when my daughter came downstairs wearing her girl’s denim jacket for the third day in a row. Proof that:

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Most clothing shouldn’t be worn until it’s threadbare; a girls denim jacket, any denim really, is the exception that makes the rule. For some reason, the more beat up denim gets, the better it looks. A fact my daughter will no doubt be putting to the test.

She’s very proud of the jacket (if that wasn’t obvious already). She saved her allowance up to buy it. I’ve heard about this jacket a lot. You see, it’s one of the first bigger items she’s bought with her own money. We saw it online when we were shopping for a friend’s birthday gift.


I suppose I should have prefaced this story with the fact that Hartstrings is one of my daughter’s favorite clothing stores. She and her friends make “wardrobe wish lists” and like to mix and match their favorite pieces. I like the fact that their clothes are:

  • High-quality
  • Affordable
  • Modest
  • Clothes my kids want to wear

I may not agree with everything my daughter likes (regrettably, she and her friends came down with a pretty severe case of Bieber Fever), but we can agree on Hartstrings.

A great alternative to a classic denim jacket is our printed white denim DKNY jacket.

A great alternative to a classic denim jacket is our printed white denim DKNY jacket.

Well-Earned Bragging Rights

That said, she decided a girls denim jacket is the thing to have this summer, so she set a monetary goal as well as a deadline. She wanted to order it in time to wear it on the last day of school. This meant that after doing chores, helping me with errands, getting good grades, and finding ways to help others, she had finally saved up enough money to buy the jacket. Best of all, she beat her own deadline. Now, she can wear it as often as she likes during the last month of school.


It’s enough to make both of us smile. I know that the jacket she bought is a good investment. It will last well beyond the last month of school. Most importantly, Hartstrings helped teach my daughter the value and reward of setting and meeting goals. That’s a difficult lesson well-taught with the right motivating tool, which is something I can count on Hartstrings to provide.

Thanks to this wonderful clothing company this proud mom can say, lesson learned and goal not only met, but exceeded.

There’s a right fit for every budget. They always have sales, deals, and steals available. Check out their product line for yourself and make it a fashion-forward summer!