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Boredom Busters for Your Kids


I'm just waiting to hear those two little words that my kids are bound to utter after they get tired of being at home on summer vacation: “I'm bored!” This year, I made sure that I was prepared for when the kids said those words, and I've already got a bunch of activities planned. Today, I'd like to share a few of them with you. Maybe you'll even get some ideas of your own. By the way, regardless of what your plans are for your family this summer, be sure you have everything they'll need for their wardrobes. Whether it's capri pants for girls or new shorts for your boys, Hartstrings has everything your kids need.

Break Out Your Artistic Side

If your kids enjoy creating artwork, take advantage of that with some outdoor projects that they'll really have fun with. Sidewalk chalk is inexpensive, and your kids can draw pictures on the sidewalk or driveway. If you're interested in doing something on a bit of a grander scale, why not pull out an old white sheet and purchase some finger paints? The entire family will enjoy painting a mural on the sheet, and you'll create a wonderful summer memory.


Backyard Water Fun

Who says you have to go to a public swimming pool or the lake to have fun in the water? While you might want to plan a trip to a local water park this summer, there are lots of things you can do with water right in your own backyard. Why not let the kids run through the sprinkler on a hot day while they wait for your neighborhood ice cream truck to drive by? Or even just spray them with the hose. Encourage them to make up their own games using water, and supply them with lots of buckets, cups and plastic dishes to make it interesting.


Rainy Days

You'll want to have a plan for the rainy days of summer, and it's a good idea to pick up a few movies to keep hidden away for those days when the weather keeps you inside. Popping some popcorn and having a few other snacks handy can make it a really fun experience. Don't forget, you won't get too many of these rainy days together, so when you do, make them really memorable.

With a little bit of advanced planning, you can limit your kids' boredom this summer. All you need to do is have a few fun activities tucked away, and bring them out at the right time.

Don't forget, at Hartstrings, we carry the best in kids’ clothes. Whether you're looking for capri pants for girls or polo shirts for boys, we have everything your kids need to complete their looks for this summer. Be sure to bookmark our site so you can find us easily and keep tabs on all of our great deals.


Looking For A Deal? Hartstrings Has Great Kids Clothes On Clearance


Like or not moms, the school year is over, and it's time to start planning your kids' summer activities. Let's face it–the best way to ensure that your kids don't spend another summer camped out in front of the television is to tackle summertime with a solid plan in place. Some of the best times I can remember having with my kids were when I planned some fun summer field trips for our family to enjoy after school was out. There are so many things you can do together, and your kids might even have a few ideas themselves. To get you started, here are a few ideas to help you plan a fun-filled summer for you and your kids.

Picnics at the Park

Why not pack a lunch for yourself and your kids and take off to a local park? Be sure to pack a blanket if you plan on sitting on the ground to enjoy your lunch. After you eat, the kids will enjoy playing on the playground. If the park has a swimming pool, you can also take advantage of that on a hot summer day.

Get Back to Nature

Perhaps your kids really enjoy nature, and would love to spend some time studying creatures in the woods. My kids are always eager to visit our area's nature center each summer. I love it too, because it keeps their minds active while they're out of school. One note about these types of field trips–be sure your kids have the right clothes for being in the woods. Hartstrings has some really great kids’ clothes on clearance that would be appropriate for nature-inspired field trips. Pieces such as our variety of Knit Leggings and our Long Sleeve Knit Tops are great choices. I always purchased my kids clothes on clearance for the summer months, because I knew we'd be active. Luckily, Hartstrings has a great selection of excellent-quality clothes.

Visit Local Attractions

Sometimes we get so focused on thinking of ways to entertain our children out of town, that we forget about the treasures that await us right at home. Why not pay a visit to your local library? Most libraries allow kids to have library cards as young as five or six years old. Your kids will feel very grown up with their own library card, and they'll love being responsible for their “own” borrowed books too. What other local attractions are there in your community that your kids would enjoy?

It's amazing how great my kids feel when they've been active on a hot summer day. Come to think of it, I feel pretty good too! Be sure to plan ahead to ensure a fun-filled summer for you and your kids.
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Hartstrings: A Story of Transitions


My family and I made the “big move” from the Midwest to the Northwest two years ago.  Guess what our largest ongoing investment has been since then? The answer: seasonal clothing. Given the drastic difference between the climate we came from and the climate we moved to, we had to invest in a variety of new attire.

Transitioning to a Year-Round Wardrobe

For those of you who may not be aware of the difference between these two locales, I’ll spell it out for you. Basically, you’re moving from a four-season climate (winter being your longest one) to a two-season climate. What are those two seasons? Quite simply: rainy and a little less rainy. I knew we had to downsize and replace everybody’s wardrobe. I also knew we had to do it affordably.

There are a few items that are absolutely essential to survive the northern coastal weather.

They are:

  • Hoodies or pull-overs
  • Clothes you can easily layer
  • Raincoats and boots
  • Kids windbreakers


Do you see the pattern here? Your child’s wardrobe has to be able to keep them warm, dry, and wind protected, but it has to be easy to shed so they can fully enjoy those 4 pm sun breaks for as long as they last. Out of all the items on that list, I’d have to say kids windbreakers are a must-have.

The Simplest Solution is the Best Solution

Kids windbreakers are the all-in-one answer to the weather conundrums up here.

When you think about it, they provide protection from the elements and the wind. These jackets are well-insulated and water resistant. That way, they eliminate the need for bulky, uncomfortable layers and the mess created by wet raincoats and muddy boots. OK, there’s not much that can be done about the muddy boots, but at least kids windbreakers eliminate half of the clean-up.

Their versatility proven, I was left with one question: where do I find kids windbreakers at a good price? A friend, and fellow mom, told me about

I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. I’ve been to chain and specialty stores before only to be disappointed at the poor quality and high expense of my purchases. I have to hand it to my friend; she knew how to reel me in. She gave me a coupon. I’m not an extreme coupon mom, but I do like a good deal, especially on kids clothes. A good deal is just what I got.

infant vest

Thanks to Hartstrings’ clearance sales and coupons, I have been able to slowly transition our wardrobe out of winter wonderland and into stormy chic. All I do is set a budget and pick up a couple of items per kid, per month. Hartstrings always has something to offer that fits my budget and, as far as quality is concerned, I couldn’t be happier. Their clothing holds up to everything my kids dish out.

Now we only have to wear our winter coats during those freak January snowstorms!
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