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A classic dress like these also make for the perfect hand-me-downs from older sibling to younger.

Hartstrings Presents the Sounds of Summer with Kids Flip Flops


Someone recently asked me what signifies the start of summer. When I think about summer, I think of days spent swimming in the sunshine, cool glasses of lemonade and running barefoot through the grass.
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Growing up, we were always running around barefoot – well almost. My parents invested a mint in an assortment of kids flip flops. During the summer, they were lined up by the door. Just as we were about to run outside to play, I can still remember hearing my mom say, “Grab your flip flops.”

Now, that I’m a mom, I catch myself giving my kids the same parting reminder. There’s something about the sound of kids flip flops that just says summer. Luckily, for me Hartstrings feels the same way.


Have an Everlasting Summer

My one issue with kids flip flops is that they don’t last very long.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but my kids can work their way through flip flops. Every summer, it seems like as soon as I turn around I’m buying another pair. They lose them, outgrow them, or simply wear them out. I started looking for a higher-quality product.

My favorite place to go is They have the cute summer styles my kids like and their flip flops are durable. I find that they can go the distance. That’s a lot to accomplish in the seasonal footwear department, mostly because kids can get into any number of sticky, dirty, rambunctious situations. You really need to find a clothing company that understands the nature of kids and what they need.

A Summertime Phenomenon

Hartstrings has the commitment and the design products that back it up. Kids love their comfortable and contemporary styles; parents love the fact that the clothes and flip flips are age-appropriate and they last. Hartstrings shoppers can agree that these are items worth investing in year after year.

That’s what I do every summer; I set aside a summer clothing budget and I look at Hartstrings first. They’ve got fashions and footwear for both boys and girls. Best of all, it’s clothes and accessories my kids love to wear. The truth is, these days I hear the tell-tale slap of flip flops without having to remind my kids to put them on!

If you want to experience this summertime phenomenon for yourself, visit the website and see what’s in store this season. Chances are you’ll be back again next season too. That’s the nature of Hartstrings. Once you find a company that designs for and thinks of kids the way they do, you can’t help becoming a return customer.

Take it from someone who knows; this company is like no other.  flipflop


Stock Up On Clothing for Little Boys for All Of Your Summer Adventures


Little boys have a very unique way of enjoying the world, don't they? Mine just love to have adventures. When they were younger, waking up meant that there were new surprises awaiting them with the dawning of the morning sun. Now that they're a little older, they enjoy planning scavenger hunts and even getting their friends in on the fun. Summer means that there are plenty of opportunities to help your boys get out and enjoy the world. Just make sure you have plenty of outfits for them to change into. Be sure to check out Hartstrings for all of the great clothing for little boys that's on sale right now.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts in the back yard are a great way to spend an afternoon with your boys. It takes some time to prepare, but trust me, it's worth it. You can start by planning out your hunt the night before. Get some index cards and write down your clues in order of how you want the boys to find them. Each clue should lead to another, until ultimately, they get to a prize at the end. I like the prize to be a treasure chest filled with goodies. It might be best to fill the treasure chest with little plastic bags full of candy, fruit, trail mix and toys from the dollar store, making one for each of your kids. You can hide your clues based on your kids' ability to locate them. Be prepared though, it might mean digging in the dirt a little bit or even climbing up a tree in your yard. See why it's a good idea to have plenty of clothing for little boys?

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Visits to Grandma and Grandpa's House

One of the best parts of our summer is when we all pile in the car and head out to see grandma and grandpa for the day. They live about an hour from us, so when we go, we plan on spending the day with them. As you can imagine, this is a favorite place for adventures. Grandpa always has some fun things planned, whether it's taking the kids for rides on the four-wheeler, or throwing stones in the creek behind their house. I always want to be sure I have plenty of changes of clothes planned. Dark colors are great for these trips. I love Hartstrings’ Short-Sleeve V-Neck Tee and Nylon Pull- On Shorts in dark green. Although, it's always a good idea to have some nylon pull-on pants for when they decide to go hiking in the woods. The kids always enjoy grandpa's adventures, and they can't wait to go back there again!

When it comes to clothing for little boys, Hartstrings has everything your kids need to enjoy a fun summer full of adventures. There are some great sales happening at Hartstrings right now, so be sure to check out the great deals on clothing for little boys, and for your little girls, too!


Everything Your Family Needs To Celebrate Your Child's First Communion


A child's first communion is such a special time. I can remember enjoying a wonderful time together with family and friends as we celebrated each of our children's first communions. Such an important milestone in your child's life requires beautiful communion clothes to make it truly special and memorable. You'll also want to be sure that your other children are dressed in beautiful clothes to help commemorate this important occasion too. Don't worry. You're in the right place. Hartstrings has exactly what you need for your family on that special day.


Communion Clothes for Your Son or Daughter

Whether you have family arriving from out of town to help you celebrate your child's first communion, or you're planning a simple ceremony for only a few people in your church, making sure your little one is wearing the right clothes is high on your priority list. For girls, we have the most gorgeous communion gowns, such as our Sleeveless Silk Dress. The full skirt of this dress is stunning, and it will make your little girl look like a beautiful princess. Of course, she'll also need the right shoes to complete her look. Our White Patent Leather Shoes will give her a classic look that matches her dress.


Depending on your parish, your son might require more formal attire or something casual. Either way, we have what you're looking for. Our Pique Polo Shirt is perfect for a more casual first communion atmosphere, especially when it's paired with Flat Front Chino Pants. For a more formal service your son will need a blazer like the Classic Navy Blazer, which is perfect with our Flat Front Navy Twill Pants. Of course, whether formal or casual, your son's look isn't complete without the right shoes. Our Navy Boat Shoes are perfect for either look.


Beautiful Clothes for Brothers and Sisters

You'll also want to be sure your other children are dressed to impress for their brother's or sister's special day. We have beautiful dresses for girls, like the Pink Stripe Dress with Flower Trim, or our adorable Smocked Seersucker Dress. Your boys will look handsome in polo shirts like our Navy Cotton Pique Polo and Flat Front Chino Shorts or pants. If you need a more formal look for your boys, our White Oxford Shirt is also a great choice when it's worn with our Dobby Stripe Flat Front Pants. Of course, any of these great looks is available for older children, as well as for infants. That makes choosing the perfect outfit for each child in your family really easy and convenient.

A first communion is such a beautiful occasion, and it's our pleasure to provide you with the absolute best in communion clothes for your child. To see our entire collection, visit our online store. We'll help you make this special time in your life truly wonderful.