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Children’s Jackets for Every Autumn Adventure


With the return of autumn comes all of the grand and chilly adventures. But how is it that the little ones never seem to feel the cold the same way? If you think that you appreciate your own favorite wool coat or stylish windbreaker, think of how important your children’s jackets will be, whether they know it or not! Since autumn has so many fun activities calling them to the great outdoors, it’s good to know they will be protected from the chill when going for:

• Walks in the woods. Autumn brings out a whole new side to nature. The greens of spring have long since faded into the dusty tones of summer, but now color returns in bright hues of orange, red and yellow. Take a hike in the trees to see if you and your kids can spot anything else that changes when the weather cools.
• Park afternoons. Sometimes the chill in the air makes running around outside even more thrilling. Enjoy the fun of a day at the park without worrying about the sting of the summer heat or the nip of fall cool.
• Puddle jumping. When it comes to wetter fun, the messier the better, it seems. Children’s jackets that have protection from the elements are even more important. Let your kids dance in the rain–and jump in the puddles–without worrying about too deep a chill.

Then there are the days when the chilly air means your family can truly enjoy some indoor fun. Watching football games and baking cookies are great go-to activities for the fall season, when your kids can sport team jerseys and jumpers of a matching color underneath their jackets.

When you are looking for something a little more creative to do during days spent inside, turn to:

• Game time. Let each child pick out one or two of their favorite board games and fill the day with a tournament of dice and cards. Add hot chocolate and grilled cheese for a special autumn treat.
• Blanket forts. Weekends are best for turning your living room into a fortress from another land. Uproot cushions and become an engineer in blanket awnings to create a fort for you and your little ones to huddle in. Imagine your own stories to fill the fort, or read favorite books by flashlight.
• Scavenger hunts. There are many unexplored nooks and crannies in your own house. Write a series of clues leading to different locations in your home and attach small items to these clues to lead your kids on a merry hunt around the house.

While indoor fun may not require as many layers, cold weather never keeps our little ones inside for long! That’s why Hartstrings proudly offers the best in quality children’s jackets, to keep the active munchkins cozy wherever their adventuring leads them. Fall has many of the best activities to enjoy with our kids; with quality jackets and apparel, we can play too, knowing they’re comfortable and warm.



Hartstrings Knit Cardigan: An Expression of Well-Worn Tradition


My sister’s favorite clothing item in the entire world is a knit cardigan. She wears it year in and year out. She claims it “goes with everything.” Knowing that, I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised when my daughter put a knit cardigan on her birthday list. Yet, I thought it was a peculiar gift for an 11-year-old to ask for so, in spite of myself, I asked her why she wanted one. Her response: “Auntie Rachel has one. I want to be like Auntie Rachel.”

Of course, I had to find the perfect knit cardigan before our summer trip. I knew I had a tall order to fill. My work was already cut out for me.


Me & My Shadow

I’ll explain a little about our summer ritual. Ever since I was a child, my family has taken an annual summer trip to see each other. When we were young, our family of six literally lived cross-country from our extended family in the Midwest. Summer vacation was one of the only times we got to see each other, and boy, did we make the most of it.

My dad, the college professor, finished up his last summer school course in late June. By the time he had that last paper graded, my mom had packed up four kids, arranged pet and lawn care, and organized the house. We were ready to go. We left in the early morning the day after classes ended. It took three days to get there, but by July 4th, we were ready to celebrate independence with our extended family.

Now that you understand a little about my family traditions, you can understand why I’ve carried this one on. Every summer, around the same time, my husband and I pack-up the van and take our kids to see their aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. We usually arrive just before my brother throws his larger-than-life Fourth of July barbeque. My eldest daughter’s birthday bash is held the weekend before we leave. It’s a tight schedule, but we make it work…usually.

Long story short, I had about a month to find my daughter an auntie-matching knit cardigan she could show off at the barbeque.

girl cardigan

Birthday Wish Granted

Can any other parents relate to the delicate balance between external calm and internal panic I found myself under? Don’t get me wrong; my daughter’s birthday wish: adorable. So adorable in fact, that I wanted to get it exactly right. I just had no idea where to start.

I hadn’t seen a nice child-sized knit cardigan in at least 10 years. The only ones I could recall were the bulky, faded, scratchy ones I had to wear with my middle school uniform. I knew that’s not what my daughter had in mind. She wanted a soft, warm, cream sweater to curl up underneath.

I put grandma on the case. A couple of days later she sent me a link to The result brought a smile to mother, daughter, and especially auntie.
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