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Great Summer Styles For Your Toddler


I remember the first summer when my children were able to walk and when they began to really take notice of the world around them. They were talking more too, and everywhere we turned there was something new to discover. Those summer days were so magical, and I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy this special time four times over (once with each of my four children!) If you have a toddler, you're probably eager to find some really cute clothing for toddlers for him or her to wear this year. With all of the summer events and plans you probably have, I can assure you, Hartstrings has clothing for every one of them.


Holidays are so special, and they're a ton of fun in the summertime. My family loves to get together with our extended family members for great food and wonderful conversation. I know there will be fireworks and blowing bubbles in the back yard too. Make sure your little boy is dressed for the occasion with some cute red, white and blue clothes like our Infant Stars & Stripes Tee and Infant Flat Front Twill Shorts. An outfit like this one transitions easily from the beach to the park to watch the fireworks. It's even comfy for a nap when your little one falls asleep after all of that playing in the sun.

For your little girl, you'll want to choose clothes that are light and breezy, but that will bring out how beautiful she is at the same time. I really love the Infant Blue and White Dress Ensemble. It's the perfect outfit for a summer holiday celebration, and it will wash very well in case your little princess enjoys playing with her brothers in the dirt just a little bit too much.
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At The Beach

If you're planning some time at the beach this summer, whether it's at the ocean or even just a local lake, you'll definitely want to be sure you're prepared with everything your little ones will need. Hats are an absolute must when you're near the water, to keep your toddler's head protected from the harsh rays of the sun. I love our Little Sailor Knit Hat for boys, and you can't go wrong with our Baby Girls Floral Sunsuit and Hat Set for your precious little girl. In addition to bathing suits for your boys and your girls, they'll also need to have light jackets for those days when the weather isn't exactly what you bargained for. For boys, I love the Infant Mesh-Lined Hooded Windbreaker. For girls, we have an adorable selection of windbreakers and light sweaters.

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Summer really is one of my favorite times of the year. Hartstrings’ clothing for toddlers makes it easy to enjoy the summer season in style. After all, we love showing off our kids, and the right clothes make it even more fun. Check out our online store to see our great selection of summer clothing for toddlers!



We Have the Cutest Baby Swimsuits for Fun Water Play This Summer


Here we are, deep in the heart of summer. I hope you're enjoying the warmth of the sun (and fun in the water!) as much as my family is. One of the best things about summer is being able to relax and cool off in the pool or at the beach. My kids always look forward to those weekends when we tell them it's time to head off to the lake. Hopefully you're able to schedule in some quick summer getaways like that before the temperatures start dropping again. If you've been putting off buying baby swimsuits for your little ones, you're in luck! Hartstrings is having some great sales right now on everything your baby needs to look cute and stay cool while playing in the water.


Mini-Vacations for the Whole Family

Even if you're not planning a big vacation, with a little bit of research, you'll find that there's plenty to do close to home. There are state parks that have a beach-like environment. So, while you might be far away from the ocean, it's still possible to pretend a little bit. Your kids will enjoy being able to play in the sand, creating sand castles, and the water will be cool and refreshing. In all of your “beach” time, however, make sure you have everything you need to protect the kids from the sun. Don't forget to pack your sunscreen, and it's a good idea to pick up some cover-ups like our Hooded Terry Cover-Up Dress to help keep your baby protected while she's playing in the sand. With a little planning, you can make any mini-vacation special for your entire family.


Family Fun at Home

If you're not able to slip away to a lake or a beach, there's plenty you can do right at home to enjoy some time together. Just about any store carries various sizes of kiddie pools. You can opt for the plastic kind that only require that you add water, or you can put your lungs to the test and blow up a larger pool for the kids. In fact, you might even be tempted to take a dip yourself! I always make sure my kids have flip flops for the summer, so they avoid tracking grass in the house after their dips in our kiddie pool. I'm a big fan of Hartstrings’ Navy or Pink Dot Flip Flops.


Also, be sure to check out the great deals we have on baby swimsuits for boys. Our floral print swim trunks will make your little boy look like he's on vacation in Hawaii, even when he's just splashing in the back yard.


There's nothing like some time in the sun and playing in the water to help you and your kids enjoy summer even more. Be sure to check out our online store for baby swimsuits and all of the other accessories your kids will need to enjoy the rest of their summer!

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A Girls Denim Jacket is the Key to a Fashionable Summer


There are certain pieces of clothing that have a timeless quality. For instance, look at a girls denim jacket. I had one at a young age along with most of the girls in my grade school class.

Something about it just says summer to me. It went with everything, so I wore it all summer long. To be honest, I practically lived in it. That’s why I had to smile when my daughter came downstairs wearing her girl’s denim jacket for the third day in a row. Proof that:

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Most clothing shouldn’t be worn until it’s threadbare; a girls denim jacket, any denim really, is the exception that makes the rule. For some reason, the more beat up denim gets, the better it looks. A fact my daughter will no doubt be putting to the test.

She’s very proud of the jacket (if that wasn’t obvious already). She saved her allowance up to buy it. I’ve heard about this jacket a lot. You see, it’s one of the first bigger items she’s bought with her own money. We saw it online when we were shopping for a friend’s birthday gift.


I suppose I should have prefaced this story with the fact that Hartstrings is one of my daughter’s favorite clothing stores. She and her friends make “wardrobe wish lists” and like to mix and match their favorite pieces. I like the fact that their clothes are:

  • High-quality
  • Affordable
  • Modest
  • Clothes my kids want to wear

I may not agree with everything my daughter likes (regrettably, she and her friends came down with a pretty severe case of Bieber Fever), but we can agree on Hartstrings.

A great alternative to a classic denim jacket is our printed white denim DKNY jacket.

A great alternative to a classic denim jacket is our printed white denim DKNY jacket.

Well-Earned Bragging Rights

That said, she decided a girls denim jacket is the thing to have this summer, so she set a monetary goal as well as a deadline. She wanted to order it in time to wear it on the last day of school. This meant that after doing chores, helping me with errands, getting good grades, and finding ways to help others, she had finally saved up enough money to buy the jacket. Best of all, she beat her own deadline. Now, she can wear it as often as she likes during the last month of school.


It’s enough to make both of us smile. I know that the jacket she bought is a good investment. It will last well beyond the last month of school. Most importantly, Hartstrings helped teach my daughter the value and reward of setting and meeting goals. That’s a difficult lesson well-taught with the right motivating tool, which is something I can count on Hartstrings to provide.

Thanks to this wonderful clothing company this proud mom can say, lesson learned and goal not only met, but exceeded.

There’s a right fit for every budget. They always have sales, deals, and steals available. Check out their product line for yourself and make it a fashion-forward summer!