Children’s Clothing from Hartstrings and All Things Autumn


Children’s Clothing from Hartstrings and All Things Autumn

For every season there are new ways to have fun with your children, new activities and events to match the time of year.  Dressed in cardigan sweaters and corduroy jumpers, your baby boys and girls can be ready for all the best things that come with the autumn season.

After School in Fall

As the kids return to the classroom each day, after school fun becomes all the more precious.

  • Collect colorful leaves.  Explore the shades of fall as the trees shed their leaves.  Have contests for the widest range of oranges, reds and yellows.  Then make crafts of these seasonal treasures to display the colors of fall in a golden rainbow.
  • Homework field trips.  Homework may be a necessity, but who says it has to be done in the confines of the kitchen?  Afternoon trips to the park can be a great way to play and celebrate the end of the school day.  Then, refreshed, you and your little scholars can set up homework at a picnic table and enjoy the cool autumn days before heading home to dinner.
  • Wreath making.  Fall can be quite a festive time of year.  Craft creative decorations to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving or just to celebrate the return of the chilly weather!  Add some educational fun by making wreaths that reflect the history lesson or science project studied that week.

What are some of your favorite after school activities?

Autumn Weekends

Your family treasures weekends as they are meant to be spent together having family fun.

  • Watch football games.  Appearing with the cooler days, football games are a fun family activity.  Halftime is a great opportunity to get outside and throw a few passes of your own.
  • Bake cookies.  Baking is better than ever in the crisp autumn, as time around the warmth of the oven presents a great chance to bond.  And now is the time to welcome all things pumpkin!
  • Shopping trips.  Finding school supplies is an important event that attends each fall.  Spend weekend days finding the very best to send your little ones off with, while also enjoying some quality time.

Every family has its own traditions that signal the true reappearance of fall.  What says “autumn’s here!” to you and yours?

Hartstrings proudly features quality apparel for children of all ages just in time for the autumn season.  The return of fall means finding a collection of cozy outfits to keep your child snug and stylish, like a baby boy cardigan sweater with a pair of trousers to match.  Assembling layers ensures a variety of outfits and guaranteed comfort.  Vests, hats, jackets, boots and leggings create ensembles that are nearly as adorable as they are.

Weekends or weekdays, this fall is the perfect time to find the very best clothes from Hartstrings for your little ones to wear for all the fun.