Electric bloom dress - on sale now!

Choose DKNY Kids For Your Vacation This Summer


Each year, my family plans to spend at least a week away from home enjoying a family vacation. It's such a great time because it gets us all away from work, electronics and other distractions and lets us enjoy each other. We've had every kind of vacation you can imagine, from trips to the beach, to time spent enjoying area amusement parks. I have to admit though, one of the things I like the best about taking some time away from home is being able to go shopping for some cute vacation clothes for my kids. DKNY kids has some really cute styles this year, so if you're planning to get away, here are a few items you might want to pick up before you go.


Summer vacations always mean spending some time outside enjoying the warm weather, even if you're not traveling far from home. Choosing clothes that will keep the kids cool, even in the hot sun, is always a good idea. Our DKNY Girls Orchid Top is a great choice for hot weather, and it's so pretty. I love that it comes in a few different colors too. Our DKNY Girl Felicia Top is another one that I'm just crazy about this year. I adore this look on my little girls, plus it's perfect for warmer weather. Either of these tops goes great with our DKNY Serendipity Skirt or a pair of our DKNY Girls Carrie Jeans. Also, it's not a bad idea to plan for a few dressy occasions while you're on vacation. My girls always enjoy dressing up now and then, even while we're away from home. You'll want to have some dresses that will be feminine enough to make them happy, but that they'll also be able to play in comfortably. I really like the DKNY Girls Electric Bloom Dress. Even if the urge to dress up doesn't strike her while you're on vacation, it's perfect for summer birthday parties, too!

Electric bloom dress - on sale now!

Electric bloom dress – on sale now!


If your boys are anything like mine, all they care about is being comfortable! That's fine with me, and it makes it easier to shop for them too. DKNY Kids has some great t-shirts that are perfect for your son to wear on your trip. I love the DKNY Boys Crafted Tee or our DKNY Boys Trifecta V-neck. I'm planning on picking up lots of the DKNY Boys Transporter Cargo Shorts because they come in so many different colors, they're comfortable, and you just can't beat the price. The DKNY Waverly Belted Shorts are similar in style, and they also come in a variety of colors.

DKNY Crafted boys tee

DKNY Crafted boys tee

If you didn't have a vacation planned before now, I hope you'll consider going away for a little while this summer. Even if you just spend a weekend away as a family, it can be a great time to strengthen your relationships with your kids. For more great DKNY kids’ styles, be sure to check out Hartstrings for everything your kids will need this summer!