Cotton Pullovers Are a Must for Every Child During Fall And Winter


Now that we're in the middle of the fall season, I trust that you're enjoying lots of family time together with your kids. Sometimes we get so caught up in all of the fun of summer, that we forget that fall has a charm all its own. With so many great activities, and with a desire to still spend some time enjoying the crisp, fall weather, be sure to stock up on all of the clothes your kids will need to stay warm while they're outside. Items like cotton pullovers are a great choice for kids when the weather starts to get cooler, so make sure your kids have a good supply in their closets.

Back Yard Fun

Yes, the weather is cooler, but your kids' energy levels don't drop when the temperature does. You don't have to feel guilty about shooing them outside to play during the fall season. As long as they're dressed right, they can still enjoy the fall weather even when it's cooler. Our cotton pullovers are great for the fall because they will still keep your child nice and warm, while allowing him the freedom he needs to run around the yard. That means you can still schedule your weekly family football games, and you can still all work together to rake up the leaves in a big pile before jumping in.

Different Styles to Choose From

We have all different styles of pullovers to choose from, depending on your preference. For the days when there is a slight chill in the air, your child might not need something with a hood. Or maybe he prefers to wear his baseball cap everywhere, anyway. Our Zip Up Pullover Sweater is perfect in that case. If you are looking for something with a hood, we definitely have those too. Our Hooded Rugby Pullover is a very popular choice among boys because it's warm and it provides them with plenty of room. Don't forget your daughters when you're shopping for cotton pullovers. Our Embroidered Pullover Tunic is really pretty, and it will allow your girls to join in on all of the action while they stay warm too.

Baby Fun

When my kids were babies, they hated having to stay inside when their siblings ventured out into the yard for a game of football. Just because your little one is small, doesn't mean he won't enjoy your family's antics too. We have infant cotton pullovers that are just his size. That way, even if he has to sit on the sidelines and watch, he'll stay nice and toasty warm while he laughs at his brothers and sisters getting tackled by Dad. They make great clothing to wear for a quick picture in a pile of leaves too.

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Football in the yard, apple picking and hot cider make it simply perfect. When your kids are dressed warmly, there's no reason you can't enjoy all of these fall activities together.