Creative Occasions for Holiday Dress Wear


I'm a thrifty mom.  I have a really hard time purchasing dressy clothes for my kids to wear only one time.  Luckily, I'm also a creative mom.  Through the years (and through much trial and error), I've found many ways to re-purpose the dressy clothes I've bought for my kids.  I thought I'd share a few ideas with you to help you enjoy your kids' holiday dress wear just as much (and as frequently) as I do.

A fresh new sweater is a great way to update a holiday dress.

Tea Party

What little girl doesn't go crazy for a tea party?  Who says you can't dress up in fancy clothes for tea parties you have with your daughter?  For your next party, let your daughter know that you'll be having an even fancier tea time with her.  Help her put on her favorite frilly dress, or even the dress she wore for Christmas.  You can excite her even further by letting her wear a piece or two of your jewelry to complete her look.  She'll feel incredibly grown up in her elegant clothes, and you'll have a great opportunity to take some priceless photos.

A pink dress like this is fit for a princess at tea time. Don't forget to share your photos with us on our Pinterest page!

Special Dinners

It feels so nice when my husband cooks a special dinner for just him and me.  However, I thought it would be great to share one of these special dinners with our entire family, too.  The kids thought it was a blast to dress up just to have dinner in our little dining room at home, but the experience was one that I'll never forget.  Sometimes you need to have times like that, where you change things up a bit.  This is a really great idea to do during the winter months when your kids get restless from being inside a lot.

Holiday sweaters and vests can be paired with some basic pants for the perfect family dinner look.

Host A Dance

With the advent of video games like “Just Dance,” my family spends lots of time cutting a rug in our living room.  So, we started hosting dances there too.  We all get dressed up and spend a fun evening together as a family.  The kids enjoy watching their parents get a little bit crazy, and we all have a great time.  These special occasions are great for making memories, and we'll have those memories long after our kids are grown up and gone.

Our Brother / Sister outfits have some perfect dance-ready combinations.

What about your family?  Can you think of any other ways to re-purpose your kids' holiday dress clothes?  If you use a little bit of creativity, I'm sure you can think of many more.  You may even end up with kids who enjoy dressing up.

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