DIY Kid-Friendly Crafts


Feeling a slight case of cabin fever?  You’re not alone!  When the temperature dips down during this time of year, us protective moms want to shelter our little ones inside to keep them nice and toasty.  But, just like us, kids get a little antsy when they’re cooped up in the house for a while.  Perhaps you’re fortunate to have nice weather where you live all year long.  Or perhaps it isn’t viciously cold and you can take advantage of the occasional, unseasonably warm day here and there.  But when you can’t bundle kids up in their hats and mittens and trust they’ll be warm enough, it’s up to us moms to figure out how to entertain them inside.

With that said, I’ve come to your rescue with a few do-it-yourself craft ideas that are not only kid-friendly, but that will help you enjoy being inside on these colder winter days.

Fun With Paint

Before you cringe because you know what happens when it’s painting time, I want to remind you that a little mess is okay.  Really, it is.  As long as you buy washable paint that will wash out of your child’s clothes easily, you’ll be just fine.

Painting with kids is so much fun.  If you have younger kids, they’ll enjoy sitting at your kitchen table making pictures with finger paints.  If your kids are older, you might consider planning a larger project for one snowy day when you’re stuck inside.  The next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up some poster board.  At home, lay a few old sheets out on the floor to help you with cleanup when your project is complete.  Give your kids some paint and paintbrushes or even straws that they can use to blow the paint around on their poster boards.  Tell them you’re going to create new artwork for your family room and then watch their little imaginations run wild!

Fun With Yarn

Yarn is a great way to keep your kids happy with a craft project, too.  Why not create pictures using yarn as your medium, instead of paint or crayons?  You can also grab some Popsicle sticks and pipe cleaner and combine them to create your own animals.  A butterfly is an easy one.  You simply cross two Popsicle sticks and use the yarn to wrap around each side, making the wings.  Attach your pipe cleaners and you’ve made antennas.  Your kids will love decorating their rooms with newly created animal friends.

Can you think of any other craft ideas that your kids would enjoy?  Maybe your kids have ideas about some of the things their friends have done with their parents on colder winter days.  All kids enjoy being creative, and you never know when your next idea might just bring out the sleeping artist in your little one.

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