Family Spring/Summer Activities That Make a Difference


Our family calendar tends to get pretty full with fun activities to do together during the spring and summer months. Even so, I’ve always felt it was necessary to schedule in some time to give back to our community too. While we love to bask in the summer sun and play for hours with the garden hose in the backyard, it’s important to remember how much our kids benefit from doing activities as a family that make a difference.

There are so many different types of activities you can do together that the kids will love. I like to incorporate doing great things for our environment and reaching out to the people within our community. That way, the kids get a well-rounded view of how much they can contribute. Perhaps you’ve never thought about giving back to your community together as a family. There are so many valuable lessons to be learned, and your kids will have a wonderful time learning them. Here are a few ideas to get you started this year.

Visit a Nursing Home

Elderly people love kids! My kids have always loved spending time with older people, so visiting a nursing home has always been one of our favorite community service activities. To prepare for your visit, you can bake some cookies to share with the residents, and you can also bring along some books for your kids to read to them. Remember, your kids might be a bit shy at first, so these things can act as ice breakers. I would advise dressing the kids up a little bit to remind them of the seriousness of their visit. Dressier clothes will help them remember to be on their best behavior. Hartstrings makes some really adorable blouses for kids, like the Poplin Blouse with Eyelet Ruffles. This blouse goes great with a skort such as our red Cotton Eyelet Skort. For your boys, our White Polo Shirt goes well with our Flat Front Chino Shorts for a look that’s casual but still a little dressy.

northside sos nursing home
Plant A Tree

If you’ve never planted a tree, it’s definitely something you should start making a tradition for your family. You won’t need dressy blouses for kids for this activity. Invite everyone to dress as casually as they want to. Although if you decide to plant your tree early in the season, it might still be windy. In that case, the kids will need jackets, such as our Cotton Nylon Zip Front Jacket or one of our Mesh-Lined Hooded Windbreakers. Once you’re appropriately dressed, be sure to take the proper steps in planting your tree, including:

  • Getting permission to plant the tree
  • Choosing your tree carefully
  • Use proper tree-planting procedures to plant your tree
  • Plan to water your tree every week


Can you think of any other activities your kids would enjoy doing in your hometown? Whether you need blouses for kids, or casual attire, Hartstrings has everything you need to dress your kids for any activity. Check out our online shop today!