Find Your “Golden Window” to get Hartstrings Dresses for Summer


There’s something about this time of year that’s just perfect. It’s that golden window somewhere between spring and summer. The weather warms up just enough to allow for playtime well into early evening, children’s laughter gets carried in the breeze, and you find yourself smiling simply because all is right with the world.


Living in the Golden Window

Not to ruin this lovely moment of satisfaction and reflection, but as a mom, I’ve realized something else about this time of year too: It’s the perfect time to stock up on Hartstrings dresses for my girls. Before you start suffering whip lash from the sudden subject change, let me explain myself a bit more clearly.

As parents, we know that these moments are fleeting – moments where the kids are safely and happily occupied, moments where we get to slow down and take a breath, moments where we can finally get to a couple of items on our summer preparation to-do list.

When it comes to my kids and summer vacation, I have to have a to-do list. We usually have the annual trip to grandmas to plan for. Plus, there are all kinds of get-togethers, parties, and events; not to mention my back-up plan for activities to avoid the inevitable, “I’m bored, me too” whines that hit by early August. The summer is a busy season in my house. If I want to buy my Hartstrings dresses before it arrives, I have to strike while the iron’s hot and the weather’s pleasant.


The Art of Elimination

To successfully keep life’s many plates spinning, you have to have a routine. Luckily, Hartstrings fits almost seamlessly into mine.

The kids get home from school at about 3:30 in the afternoon. I sit with them for about a half hour, enjoy an after school snack, and hear about their day. They’ll spend the next 30 to 45 minutes outside. This is normally my down time. I keep an eye on them through the window while I do a little something for myself.

This time of year, I spend my break doing something else. It’s the perfect opportunity to buy the Hartstrings dresses my daughters have had their eye on. I go online and spend about a half hour ordering dresses and summer clothes for one of my girls. When I finish with one summer wardrobe, I move onto the next. By 5:15, they’re ready to work on homework while I finish making dinner. Dinner is served and done by about 7:00. My husband and I join the kids outside for another half hour before it’s time to get everybody ready for bed by 8:30.

I wanted to share this snapshot of our lives with you to show you how easy it is to get cute summer fashions on a busy schedule. It takes me about three weeks (one week per child) to get my summer shopping done, but the time flies by. Hartstrings helps me avoid hitting my summer wardrobe panic mode.