Hartstrings: A Story of Transitions


My family and I made the “big move” from the Midwest to the Northwest two years ago.  Guess what our largest ongoing investment has been since then? The answer: seasonal clothing. Given the drastic difference between the climate we came from and the climate we moved to, we had to invest in a variety of new attire.

Transitioning to a Year-Round Wardrobe

For those of you who may not be aware of the difference between these two locales, I’ll spell it out for you. Basically, you’re moving from a four-season climate (winter being your longest one) to a two-season climate. What are those two seasons? Quite simply: rainy and a little less rainy. I knew we had to downsize and replace everybody’s wardrobe. I also knew we had to do it affordably.

There are a few items that are absolutely essential to survive the northern coastal weather.

They are:

  • Hoodies or pull-overs
  • Clothes you can easily layer
  • Raincoats and boots
  • Kids windbreakers


Do you see the pattern here? Your child’s wardrobe has to be able to keep them warm, dry, and wind protected, but it has to be easy to shed so they can fully enjoy those 4 pm sun breaks for as long as they last. Out of all the items on that list, I’d have to say kids windbreakers are a must-have.

The Simplest Solution is the Best Solution

Kids windbreakers are the all-in-one answer to the weather conundrums up here.

When you think about it, they provide protection from the elements and the wind. These jackets are well-insulated and water resistant. That way, they eliminate the need for bulky, uncomfortable layers and the mess created by wet raincoats and muddy boots. OK, there’s not much that can be done about the muddy boots, but at least kids windbreakers eliminate half of the clean-up.

Their versatility proven, I was left with one question: where do I find kids windbreakers at a good price? A friend, and fellow mom, told me about

I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. I’ve been to chain and specialty stores before only to be disappointed at the poor quality and high expense of my purchases. I have to hand it to my friend; she knew how to reel me in. She gave me a coupon. I’m not an extreme coupon mom, but I do like a good deal, especially on kids clothes. A good deal is just what I got.

infant vest

Thanks to Hartstrings’ clearance sales and coupons, I have been able to slowly transition our wardrobe out of winter wonderland and into stormy chic. All I do is set a budget and pick up a couple of items per kid, per month. Hartstrings always has something to offer that fits my budget and, as far as quality is concerned, I couldn’t be happier. Their clothing holds up to everything my kids dish out.

Now we only have to wear our winter coats during those freak January snowstorms!
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