A classic dress like these also make for the perfect hand-me-downs from older sibling to younger.

Hartstrings Presents the Sounds of Summer with Kids Flip Flops


Someone recently asked me what signifies the start of summer. When I think about summer, I think of days spent swimming in the sunshine, cool glasses of lemonade and running barefoot through the grass.
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Growing up, we were always running around barefoot – well almost. My parents invested a mint in an assortment of kids flip flops. During the summer, they were lined up by the door. Just as we were about to run outside to play, I can still remember hearing my mom say, “Grab your flip flops.”

Now, that I’m a mom, I catch myself giving my kids the same parting reminder. There’s something about the sound of kids flip flops that just says summer. Luckily, for me Hartstrings feels the same way.


Have an Everlasting Summer

My one issue with kids flip flops is that they don’t last very long.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but my kids can work their way through flip flops. Every summer, it seems like as soon as I turn around I’m buying another pair. They lose them, outgrow them, or simply wear them out. I started looking for a higher-quality product.

My favorite place to go is www.hartstrings.com. They have the cute summer styles my kids like and their flip flops are durable. I find that they can go the distance. That’s a lot to accomplish in the seasonal footwear department, mostly because kids can get into any number of sticky, dirty, rambunctious situations. You really need to find a clothing company that understands the nature of kids and what they need.

A Summertime Phenomenon

Hartstrings has the commitment and the design products that back it up. Kids love their comfortable and contemporary styles; parents love the fact that the clothes and flip flips are age-appropriate and they last. Hartstrings shoppers can agree that these are items worth investing in year after year.

That’s what I do every summer; I set aside a summer clothing budget and I look at Hartstrings first. They’ve got fashions and footwear for both boys and girls. Best of all, it’s clothes and accessories my kids love to wear. The truth is, these days I hear the tell-tale slap of flip flops without having to remind my kids to put them on!

If you want to experience this summertime phenomenon for yourself, visit the website and see what’s in store this season. Chances are you’ll be back again next season too. That’s the nature of Hartstrings. Once you find a company that designs for and thinks of kids the way they do, you can’t help becoming a return customer.

Take it from someone who knows; this company is like no other.  flipflop