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I grew up in a house full of traditions. We wore matching brother-sister outfits to holiday events, Easter Sunrise Services, and on family portrait day. We also spent a significant amount of our childhood secretly elbowing each other under the table at formal dinner parties, or wrestling each other to the ground at inopportune times, only to collapse in a fit of shared giggles. That’s life as a family; am I right?

Matching Brother-Sister outfits were part of every holiday for us

Matching Brother-Sister outfits were part of every holiday for us

I didn’t see these traditions as anything particularly special at the time. I just thought it’s what families do.

The “Three-Season” Project          

Now, those childhood memories seem to stand out the most. I remember that special feeling of sitting in church or at a holiday dinner in one of my mom’s hand-sewn dresses.  I got to pick the fabric and accessories. This is where the roots for my sense of personal style began. It felt timeless. That feeling is what traditions are made of. It’s also something I want to pass on to my nieces, nephews, and one day, my own children. There’s just one problem: I can’t sew like my mom. This fact forced me to come to a decision.

I decided that if this experience is important enough to share with the next generation, I’d find a way to do it, and make it special. This is where enters the picture. It started with a search that has been affectionately dubbed, the “three season” project. Here were some of the challenges I faced:

- I have a total of five nieces and nephews ranging in age from toddler to tween.
– The clothes had to be age-appropriate and parent-approved.
– The looks had to be timeless, not “stuffy.” Pieces that are fashion-forward enough so the kids wanted to wear them and could play in them.
– It had to be an all-in-one solution that didn’t involve spending a mint.

Why did it take three seasons to find the right fit? Not to sound old-fashioned, but have you seen some of the kids clothes out there (OK, I may not have my mom’s skill set, but apparently I inherited her “designer’s eye”). They are either inappropriate, full of graphics the kids won’t like in two years, or they fade-out and fall apart in one wash. I was getting discouraged and felt ready to give up. Then, it happened.

iconA Eureka Moment

On a late-night online stroll, I randomly clicked on a fashion review from a nine-year-old girl. She was so cute and enthused I decided to check out the site she liked.

It didn’t take me long to see why this clothing line is beloved by both adults and kids. The pieces are stylish, classic, and a great value. Best of all, they passed the kid test. When my nieces opened their matching Easter dresses, their faces lit up! That’s all the proof I needed.

Hartstrings had perfect options for all siblings at all ages!

Hartstrings had perfect options for all siblings at all ages!

Hartstrings helped me win my World’s Best Auntie Award (AKA my favorite coffee cup). Check them out online and you’ll be award-winning too!