How Hartstrings Helped One Mom Avoid an Easter Dress Debacle


When I set my clock forward a couple of weeks back, I had to smile to myself. Not only is this one of the first signs of spring, it’s the start of seasonal traditions. In my family, one of those traditions is buying Easter Sunday outfits for the kids.

You can’t help beaming when you walk into church and see the pews filled with pint-sized hats, frilly, floral girls’ dresses, and dapper, if not slightly itchy, sweater vests. There’s just something about this youthful, energy-filled picture that’s the perfect overture of spring.


As parents, we know the long road it takes to get to that picture-perfect moment. That’s why I want to share the following story with you.

Like Clockwork: Navigating the “Dress Mess”

We’ve all seen the signs that say: God bless this mess. Well, I feel like I should post one on the bathroom mirror every March. Without fail, the dressing tug-of-war begins.

I have a boy and three little girls to dress for Easter Sunday service. As you can imagine, I start my search early. This February I had the kids try on last year’s outfits to see what worked and what didn’t. To my horror, nothing passed muster.

First, there were the girls’ dresses. My oldest daughter has grown at least two inches since last spring. My middle daughter is sick of wearing her older sister’s hand-me-downs. My youngest needs new clothes every few months. Add to that, the sight of my son flopping dejectedly into a chair. When I asked him what was wrong, he complained, while yanking dramatically at his sweater collar that it’s too tight, too hot, and too itchy.

OK, so my son’s a bit of a ham, but you can see the sad picture that started developing here, right? A slightly panicked mom enlists the help of her more put together sister. Boy, am I glad I did.

All the style without any of the itch

All the style without any of the itch

Discovering My Sister’s Secret Weapon

Sisters are some of the best people to calm you down when you hit crisis mode; at least that’s been my experience. A principle that certainly held true on this particular occasion.

After a few minutes of small talk, my sister and I tackled the issue at hand. It went something like this:

“I’m going to send you a link to a kids clothing sale. When the link shows up in your inbox, click on it.”


A few minutes pass.

“What’s www.hartstrings.com?”

“Just click on it.”

“OK, OK, I’m clicking.”

Skeptical mom clicks mouse.

I won’t accost you, the reader, with all of the “oo’s” and “aw’s” this site produced. Sufficed to say, I had found my solution.

I gave each child a range of outfits to pick from. Not only were the kids ecstatic; I couldn’t be happier. The girls’ dresses are cute and contemporary. My son’s pullover is comfortable enough for him to play in. These clothes can be put through the wringer known as four rambunctious kids and come out unscathed!


Adorable styles for all ages

Hartstrings is my go-to wardrobe solution.