Is Your Family Ready For Unpredictable Fall Weather?


It seems like when we were kids, the weather was a little more predictable than it is now. I can remember knowing exactly when to expect the first snowfall each year, and when to expect the buds to begin appearing on the trees during the early spring. Now, it’s not unusual for snow storms to occur in many parts of our country during the month of October, and it’s also not unusual for those crazy storms to hit in May or June, either!

What’s a mom to do in order to make sure her kids are ready for the snow when it does fall? The only answer I’ve found, and the one that seems to work well for my family, is to be prepared early on. Here are a few tips that can help you do just that.

Shop Early for Coats

During my days as a new mom, I learned very quickly the value of shopping for winter coats and warmer jackets early on in the season. One too many times, I waited until the first snow came, and then by the time I made it to the store, all of the good coats (not to mention the great deals) were picked over and gone. Because the weather can change so suddenly, it’s important to make sure your kids have their winter coats so that they’re available to them when they need them.

Buy In Bulk

Another trick I learned is to buy clothing in bulk. When you shop with Hartstrings, it’s not unusual to come across some great deals, and those deals might not be there a month from now because of the way inventory changes with the seasons. Whether you’re picking up clothes for toddlers, or you’re shopping for your older children, it’s a good idea to buy a few pieces in different sizes. As a matter of fact, you might want to buy multiples in the same size, especially if you find a top or a sweater that your child really likes. Buying in bulk means that you’re preparing for next year, and you’re also stocking up on some great hand-me-downs too.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Accessories help a great deal when it comes to keeping kids warm. For example, when you’re shopping for clothes for toddlers, be sure to pick up some tights. That way your little girl can still wear her pretty winter dresses, and her legs won’t get cold. We have a great selection of hats and other winter pieces too.

No matter where you live, the cold weather will begin soon, even if you only really experience those lower temperatures during the evening and nighttime hours. Make sure you have plenty of warm clothes for toddlers, as well as for your older kids. At Hartstrings, we love to help you keep your family clothed well, no matter what time of year it is. Be sure to check out our online boutique for everything your family needs this winter.