Knit Cardigans Are Perfect For All Occasions


Ready or not, the holidays are approaching us quickly! If you're like me, you wait until after Halloween is over before you even start to think about your holiday shopping. However, before you know it, you'll be getting all kinds of invitations to parties and get-togethers with family and friends. When those invitations start coming, make sure you have everything your kids will need to make a good impression…not to mention, to stay warm!

Dressy or Casual?

When those invitations start rolling in, you probably have visions of donning your best little black dress and high heels. Even if it's a family party, it's rare that we get to dress up for a night out, so we tend to take advantage of it at every opportunity. However, you might not want to dress your kids up in their best clothes because, well, things can happen at these parties, can't they? Especially if there are going to be other kids there. A knit cardigan is a great choice for a girl or a boy because it's a little dressier than most of their other clothes, and yet it's casual enough for them to be able to relax and have a good time. Our boys' Colorblock Cardigan sweater is a great choice for when you want your son to look a little more dapper, and for girls, we have a great selection to choose from. Our Embroidered Cardigan is great for impressing the grandparents, and if you're looking for something with a holiday theme, our Fur Collar Cardigan is perfect.

Versatility is the Key

I understand how important versatility is. As a parent, you're always looking for pieces that can be used for more than one purpose, especially if you're on a budget. A knit cardigan is great for those days when you all just want to sit around the house eating warm soup and watching movies. They can also be worn when you're raking leaves, or when you venture out to attend a local fall or winter craft festival. In versatility, you want to have pieces in your kids' closets that will keep them warm, give them the ability to layer in case they get too hot, and provide them with enough freedom to move around, play, and just be kids! A knit cardigan is perfect for all of those things.

Here at Hartstrings, we're excited that the holidays are just around the corner. I'm sure your kids are thrilled to think about Thanksgiving coming up, and having some time off from school to just relax and have fun. While you're making your holiday plans, be sure to stock up on all of the great fall and winter items and accessories your family will need to make this holiday season one to remember. To see our great selection, and our discounted prices, visit our online store today!