Make Sure Your Boys Dress Warmly For Fun October Activities


I’m not sure if it’s because they get to be spooky and scare the girls in their class with their Halloween costumes, or if it’s because they truly just love fall outdoor activities, but the month of October has always been a favorite for my boys. We love this time of year, not just because Halloween is just around the corner, but also because there are so many great, fun things to do together as a family. No matter what your family enjoys doing during this time of year, it’s important to make sure your kids have the right clothes to keep them nice and warm while they’re outside. Whether you need cardigan sweaters for boys, or v-neck sweater vests, Hartstrings has exactly what you’re looking for.

Autumn Leaf Collage

The leaves are changing on the trees, but it’s not enough just to watch this miracle happen from a distance. Our boys enjoy jumping in piles of leaves, but I decided long ago to put their energy to good use! Now, we create autumn leaf collages each fall. These collages are beautiful as fall artwork, and the kids really enjoy making them.

Spider Web Obstacle Course

Whether you make it as a decorative piece, or you come up with some games to play with it together as a family, a spider web obstacle course is a lot of fun to make, and it looks really cool when it’s finished. It takes a great deal of time to put it together the right way, but that makes it a great activity for your sons to do together. Especially if you have boys who enjoy making and building things, this is a fun weekend project.

Apple Picking And Cider

No matter how creative you get with coming up with fun things for your kids to do during the fall, there’s nothing better than picking apples and making your own cider. Many orchards have cider mills on the premises, so it’s easy for your family to enjoy a day of apple picking, and then turn some of those apples into delicious cider to bring home.

What other fun activities does your family enjoy doing during this time of year? There are so many, sometimes it’s hard to choose, isn’t it? Our boys are so active, and these fall excursions give them ways to put their creativity to good use while they get to burn off that excess energy.

In all of your fall fun, make sure your boys are dressed for the changing weather. Our v-neck sweater vests, pullovers and cardigan sweaters for boys are all great options that will keep your kids looking good and toasty warm. Be sure to check out our online store for everything your kids need this fall.