Our Kids Pajamas Keep Your Little Ones Nice and Warm Through the Night


There's no doubt about it – summer has bid its farewells, and the cooler seasons of fall and winter are here to stay. Gone are the days of kids’ pajamas that consist of shorts and a tank top, or even just shorts for the boys! Now, the nights are much cooler than they have been, so it's important to get your kids pajamas that will keep them warm all night long.

Hartstrings Pajamas for Girls

If your girls are like mine, they still love the girly, feminine clothes, even when it comes to their pajamas. I can relate to them, so I understand exactly where they're coming from. Hartstrings has a great PJ collection for girls, no matter what their tastes. If you have more than one daughter, and you can get them all to agree on one style, you might even pick up the same type of pajamas for everyone. If they have different tastes, we can help you with that too. Hartstrings has everything from animal print pajamas to cupcake print pajamas. With so many colors and styles, you're sure to find what your girls are looking for.

Hartstrings Pajamas for Boys

For boys, sleeping is all about being comfortable. They're usually not too concerned about what their PJ's look like, as long as they feel good. Even so, we have some great styles of pajamas for boys that you're going to love. The designs we offer include race cars, dinosaurs, tools, and planets. Chances are, you'll find something that your little boy really loves. Our pajamas are made with the finest materials available, and because they're 100% cotton, they're made to be soft and snug.

Hartstrings Pajamas for Infants

You'll find many of our most popular styles of kids’ pajamas available for infants as well. When you're shopping for PJ's for your little one, however, please make sure you buy the appropriate sizes. It is recommended that infants and toddlers wear pajamas that fit snuggly. All too often, pajamas can get caught, or babies can get tangled in them while they sleep if they fit too loosely. So, purchasing the right size is very important for your baby's safety.

My husband is always asking me what the big deal is about kids’ pajamas. After all, why does it really matter if kids have something specifically set aside for bedtime? We moms know the answer to that question, don't we? I always tell him that it's important because when kids change into their PJ's at night time, they're really mentally preparing themselves for sleep. They sleep better, and much more soundly, when they go through this ritual. Then I tell him that he might benefit from some new pajamas too!

With the changing weather, making sure your kids have warm PJ's is an absolute necessity. Visit us at Hartstrings.com to see our incredible selection today!