Pick Up Little Girls Tunics and Sandals For Your Family’s Celebrations This Summer


Each year, our family looks forward to summer because of all of the great family get-togethers we always enjoy with each other. Even though it seems like school is barely out of session for the summer, before you know it, it will be the Fourth of July! Whether you’re planning on spending it enjoying a quiet picnic at home, or you’re going out of town to a big family party with fireworks to cap off the night, the Fourth of July is a very special holiday. At Hartstrings, we have everything you could possible need to be sure your kids are dressed to impress this Fourth of July–from little girls tunics to sandals, and everything in between.

Comfort is the Key

When you’re planning your kids’ wardrobes for this summer, I know you want them to look their best. However, be sure that you also plan for them to be comfortable. Remember, summertime is a very active time for your kids, and it’s important that the clothes they wear fit them well, and are made of a breathable material that will keep them cool. We have a really cute collection of boys’ polo shirts and little girls’ tunics that are easily mixed and matched with lots of different styles of capri pants and shorts. We make it really easy for moms to plan outfits well.

Remember “Washability”

Along with comfort, you’ll also want to remember that your kids are bound to get a little bit dirty while they’re attending that Fourth of July barbeque your boss invited you to. Even if you spend a quiet afternoon at home on the Fourth of July, you’ll want to encourage your kids to take advantage of the nice weather and play outside as much as possible. So, regardless of who you want to impress with your kids’ wardrobe, be sure you’re practical in your choices. Choose materials that will wash well. While that might mean avoiding the khaki shorts and eyelet blouses for your family’s picnic, you’ll find plenty more styles to choose from at Hartstrings. I promise you, they’ll be just as cute, and you won’t be fretting about scrubbing out grass stains the following day.

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When it comes to celebrations, whether it’s for the Fourth of July, or another holiday, Hartstrings has everything you need to make your kids look their best. We’re the absolute best online store for busy parents, offering everything from little girls’ tunics to little boys’ belts. Don’t forget to check back to our site often so you can keep tabs on all of the great deals we’re always offering our customers.