Rainy Day Bliss – It's Possible with a Kids Raincoat from Hartstrings


Seasons in the Northwest are a little different than anywhere else in the country. Really there’s just one season. We call it the rinse cycle. Rain is an ever-present element, be it: fall, winter, spring, or summer. Don’t get me wrong, it does warm up for a few days or weeks here and there, but one thing a mom should never be without is a kids raincoat.


Rain, Rain Go Away

In my house, it’s a constant battle to protect my kids from the elements. Why? Kids resist wearing anything they don’t feel like wearing. If mood isn’t a factor, forgetfulness is. It’s that simple.

I love my kids, but I have hit the point of picking my battles. In order to stop the full-scale wardrobe meltdowns, I had to find a kids raincoat they would voluntarily wear. This is no easy task. I can tell you from experience, when my oldest daughter turned 9, she started coordinating and accessorizing her outfits. By age 10, there were things she flat out refused to wear. Now, she shows me things that she likes and we talk about developing an age-appropriate wardrobe.

The Power of the Mommy Veto

For those of you who may not know it, the mommy veto is a concrete and immediate “no” to something. As a parent, there are times you need to stand your ground on a particular subject or issue. That’s what I use the mommy veto for. The key is to use it when it really counts. Clothing is a place where it counts, which is why I’m excited to tell other moms about what happened recently.
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I was in my home office organizing some paperwork. My daughter walked in holding a piece of paper. In a quiet voice, she asked if we could go shopping this weekend. I gave her a knowing look and asked to see the piece of paper she was holding. To my surprise, it was a coupon to:

When I asked her about the website, she said it was a site her friends went to for clothes. Knowing better than to implicitly trust the fashion sense of pre-teens, I told her we’d check out the site together. Then something unexpected happened.

Hartstrings had attractive, contemporary fashions that fit my daughter’s age group. There was nothing immodest or suggestive. It was a welcomed change from some of the things she’s “just dying” to wear. I agreed that she could use the coupon to get a cute spring outfit she liked. When she was done shopping, I reviewed the purchase.

She could tell by the look on my face that something hadn’t passed muster. I told her I thought the outfit needed a little “something extra.” Several days later when the order arrived, she couldn’t help smiling. The first thing she pulled out of the box was a kids raincoat.

It goes with everything and she never fights about wearing it. There’s no if’s, and’s, or mommy veto’s about it.