Stock Up On Baby Clothes So You're Prepared For That Next Growth Spurt


They sure do grow up fast, don't they?

I'm sure you remember your baby shower and how excited you were to get all of those beautiful baby clothes for your little one. Baby showers are a wonderful time to get together with your family and friends to celebrate the new addition who will soon be snuggled in your arms. It's a time you'll never forget. Once you really took a good look at all of the beautiful gifts that were bestowed upon your little one, you probably thought, “She’ll never wear all of these clothes!” Ahh…I remember those days well! However, now that your baby is growing, it's amazing how quickly those baby shower items get tucked away into storage, isn't it? The good news is, she's going to keep on growing!

Getting Prepared

With babies, you just never know when a growth spurt is going to hit. If you received newborn sized baby clothes, you were probably amazed after your son or daughter couldn't wear them after about a week or so. The smaller sizes are popular gifts at baby showers because your friends and family want to be sure your baby has enough clothes to wear right away. Even so, it's important to always stay one step ahead of any growth spurt that might occur. That's why I always advise parents to purchase larger items ahead of time.

Consider the Weather When You Buy

If you're thinking about purchasing baby clothes ahead of time, make sure you think about what the weather is going to be like in a month or two from now. Layering is a great idea because you can always take things off if your baby gets too hot. Our Baby Girls' Cotton Cardigan is a beautiful little sweater that will keep her nice and snug if it's chilly outside. If you're looking for something for your little boy, I've always loved how my boys look in one-piece rompers. Our Little Boys Striped Sweater Romper is a great choice. A V-neck sweater vest is another great idea for your little man because it's great for family parties, church, or other events too. No matter what items you choose, just be sure to think about the weather when making your decision.

We have a really great selection of baby clothes in our shop right now, and the prices are perfect for buying ahead. When you think about all of the things you already have on your to-do list, shopping for baby clothes so you'll never be without the items you need makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, your little baby isn't going to stay so “little” for very long. Even so, I know you're going to enjoy every moment you have with her as she grows. Hartstrings is always there to provide you with the baby items you'll need, every step of the way. Make sure to stop by our online store to see our incredible selection today!